Friday, May 15, 2015

Flannel Friday: Five Little Cupcakes

My contribution to this week's Flannel Friday is something I've had in the works for a few weeks. My library recently participated in Money Smart Week, during which I held a money themed storytime. I started cutting out these cupcakes in hopes of using them with a rhyme I've seen on many of my favorite storytime blogs: "Down Around the Corner".

In case you aren't familiar with it, the rhyme goes like this:

Down Around the Corner
Down around the corner in the __________ shop
Were 5 little ___________ with ____________ on top
Along came someone with a nickel to pay
And they bought a little __________ and they took it away.

It is a very versatile rhyme that I've seen used in many different ways. It was even the subject of  the very first Flannel Friday at Mel's Desk! I figured it would fit well in our Money Smart storytime, but  didn't get a chance to finish it in time. I was finally able to complete it this week, and wanted to make sure I shared it with you all.

To make the cupcakes I traced this template on felt and glued the pieces together with tacky glue. The sprinkles were cut free hand.

These cupcakes can be used many different ways. I'm definitely planning on using them the next time I do a food themed storytime. They would also fit perfectly into a color themed storytime if you focused on the colors of the frosting. Bridget at What is Bridget Reading has a post that includes some great alternate rhymes as well.

Flannel Friday is hosted by Mollie at What Happens in Storytime this week. Check out her roundup post tomorrow to see what great ideas have been shared by Flannel Friday bloggers this week.

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