Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Library Card Signup Month Guessing Game

Library Card Signup Month is here!

Getting a library card is important for so many reasons, and I want to promote it as much as possible at my library. When I saw this Pinterest post asking for guesses about the number of books in the library my first thought was: Why not have people guess how many library cards we give out in a year? At that moment a last minute passive program was born.

I decided to have a contest where kids could guess the number of library cards given out. Whoever guesses closest to the true figure gets to pick a free book from my extra Summer Reading Prize book stash. Depending on how close the guesses are and how many people participate I may even draw multiple winners.

All this took was setting out a jar, creating a sign and designing an entry slip. For the entry slip I modified the one we use for our yearly Backpack Raffle. You may also recognize the jar from that program.

This program didn't cost me anything but my time. I think it will get people talking about library cards, which is always a plus. I am also looking forward to seeing what guesses come in!

For more resources to promote library card signup head to the ALA site.

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