Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Science Storytimes Week #2: Fizz, Boom, Splash!

In case you missed last week's post, I am doing science storytimes this summer. These storytimes will consist my typical storytime activities followed by science based centers. This week's theme is water.

As usual, we started out in our storytime room. We enjoyed a book together and did music and movement activities related to rain and oceans. For a list of these activities see my storytime blog.

After about 25 minutes of songs and books we went into one of our meeting rooms to enjoy our science centers. We have been doing our centers in there many because of space issues. I love my storytime room but it is a little small to run centers.

The ideas for these centers came from Amy Koester and Katie Salo.

Our centers were:

A sink or float station: This was one I found in both Amy's and Katie's posts on preschool water science. The basic idea is a variety of objects were put out and the kids got to test if they sank or floated. Some of the objects I put out included sponges, pennies, rocks, and pieces of a pool noodle.

Porosity station: The idea of this center came from Amy's post. The purpose is for kids to explore how water interacts with a variety of objects. I included sponges, dish scrubbing rings, cups with and without holes and a piece of pool noodle.

Mirror reflection station: At this station kids got a chance to see how water influences reflection. I set out of plastic bins of water with mirrors placed inside. I also provided cups for pouring water on the mirrors. The kids were able see how their reflection changed with the disturbance of the water. I got the idea for this station from this post.

Coffee Filter Art: The kids colored on coffee filters which were then sprayed with water to spread and blend the color. This is a project I've read about many different places and have done with older kids in the past. I figured that it would fit perfectly as our water themed craft.

All in all I think this storytime went very well. Both storytime groups enjoyed the centers and I think they learned a little too.

The centers also seemed to do a good job of promoting parent/child interaction. I heard many parents asking their children questions at each center.

Next week's science storytime theme is "Fizz, Boom, Grow". Let me know if you have any suggestions for science activities for that theme or any other!

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