Friday, May 16, 2014

Kidding Around: Spiderman Party

This month's theme for Kidding Around (my monthly program for Grades K-2) was Spiderman. I chose this theme in honor of the release of the new movie, and because superhero programs are always a big hit. I wanted to share this program in particular with you all because it fits the 2015 CSLP theme.

We started out with a brief discussion of Spiderman, his story and the villains he faces. In addition to getting the kids excited, this discussion served as a stalling tactic as late arrivals came.

As late arrivals continued to trickle in, we started our first game: creating a web out of yarn. This was definitely one that would have better to save till the end of the program, just because more of the kids could have participated. It would have also been really cool to involve some action figures or cutouts to trap in the web.

Our next game was bowling for bad guys.  I taped pictures of Spiderman villains to two liter bottles and the kids had to knock them down. This is a simple and fun game and I think the kids enjoyed it.

For our third activity we danced to the Freeze song on "Kids in Motion" by Greg and Steve. My rationale for doing this was that Mr. Freeze had transferred over from the Batman universe and was trying to attack Spiderman. Not sure the kids bought this logic, but they had fun anyhow.

Finally, we got to the best part of the whole program: SILLY STRING!!!

We used this wonderful product to play "Spiderman Tag". The game goes about how you would imagine: instead of tagging you "it" sprays you with silly string. If you get hit, you are out. The kids had a blast with this. It was definitely messy, but nothing our vacuum couldn't handle.

NOTE: A can of dollar store silly string doesn't last as long as you would expect, so if you are going to do this with a large group you will need quite a bit of it. One can per child would not be overkill.

As usual I closed out the program with our snack and craft. For our craft we had a Spiderman coloring page. Snack was cupcakes and cherry web strings (Twizzlers).

If you have any additional superhero program suggestions please let me know. Next summer will be here before we know it!

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