Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Year of Library Bulletin Board Ideas

In addition to other display space, I have three bulletin boards in my library (2 are small, one is larger). I thought it would be helpful to share some of my bulletin board ideas and resources, because it can be hard to come up with new ones year after year. For more ideas check my Pinterest board. Another great resource is Brownielocks, which lists holidays and celebrations for each month.


New Years:  Here are some of my favorite New Year's related bulletin boards:

Snow and Cold:  Something we could technically keep up for quite awhile here in Michigan:


Valentine's Day:  You can do the love aspect or my favorite, the candy/treat aspect:


St Patrick's Day:  I've cut out shamrocks and and titled the bulletin board "Our Library Rocks".

Bunnies:  The most obvious choice of wording is "Hop Into the Library".

Flowers:  I've done "April Showers, Bring May Flowers" and "We have Blooming Good Books!"

Eggs:  You could have the kids write book titles on eggs as well:

National Frog Month (April):  Learned this from Brownielocks but haven't used it yet.

Poetry Month (April):   I've done a "Poet-Tree". I remember seeing a blog post that describe making a program out of creating a "Poet-Tree" recently but can't find it. Let me know if this sounds familiar.

Earth Day:   You could  say "Reduce, Reread, Recycle".

Pet Month (May):  It would be very cute to let kids bring in pictures of their pets to display.

I mainly do stuff related to our SRP theme, but have used these for the couple weeks between when Summer Reading ended and school started:



Trees:  "Leaf through a good book" is a fall favorite.

Halloween:  I've used Jack O' Lanterns and labeled the bulletin board "Carve Out Time to Read" or "Pump Up Your Brain". I've also done ghosts and titled it "We've Got Spook-tacular Books".

Popcorn Popping Month (October):  One idea that could definitely be used other times of year as well.

Thanksgiving:  Turkeys are always fun. I've also done a food related bulletin board with the phrase "Books are Brain Food".

I hope these ideas are useful. Let me know if you have any to add :)

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