Friday, April 18, 2014

American Girl Club: Meet Addy

At my American Girl Club program we learn about a different American Girl each month. We talk about the character's books and play games and activities related to that time period. This month we focused on Addy Walker, an American Girl character from 1864.

All set up to learn about Addy.

Addy was born a slave, which provided a lot discussion among the kids at the beginning of the program. We talked about her escape to freedom and a little about the Underground Railroad. At least a few of the kids had already read Addy's stories, so they were able to help me fill in other details specific to Addy's stories.

The first game we played was called Ribbon's End. It is featured in the "American Girls Party Book", a wonderful resource that I believe is currently out of print. The basic idea of this game is that the kids form a human ribbon (conga-line style) and the odd person out must catch the end of the ribbon. This was harder than it seemed, as our ribbon kept breaking. I think most of the kids enjoyed it anyhow.

After that I taught them a clapping game I found on the American Girl website (unfortunately this resource and event kit are no longer available on the American Girl website). This was a simple activity so I didn't spend too much time on it.

Our final game was called "Annie Over". The basic idea of the game is that you throw the ball to the other team and if they catch it, the teams switch sides. During switching sides it becomes somewhat like dodgeball, trying to get somebody from the other team out. I think this game was most girl's favorite part of this program.

Finally, we ended with a craft and snack. As a craft, we designed our own money (just like the Confederacy did during the Civil War). For snacks we had jellybeans, cornbread muffins and ice cream shop cookies. Jellybeans tied into the theme because they rose to popularity during the Civil War. The ice cream shop cookies fit because Addy faces discrimination at an ice cream shop.

Our yummy Addy themed snacks. 

At the end of the program each girl got a bookmark and an Addy themed wordsearch to take home. The bookmarks came from a leftover supply of American Girl products ordered before I started here.

Next month's American Girls will be Cecile and Marie Grace (girls from 1853 New Orleans). If you have any great New Orleans or Mardi Gras themed activities for kids I would love to hear them :)

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