Friday, August 21, 2015

Flannel Friday: Five Little Apples

For this week's Flannel Friday I am sharing a new flannelboard I made for one of our new bookshelf early literacy centers. Because fall is coming soon I chose to go with a fall favorite: apples!

To make these apples I used a template I found online to trace the shape of the leaves and apples onto felt. Once I cut them out I used Tacky Glue to put the leaves onto the apples.

In a storytime setting, these apples could be used with any apple themed counting rhyme.

Here's a cute rhyme I found at Step by Step Childcare:
Farmer Brown had 5 little apples  hanging in his tree,
He plucked one apple and he at it hungrily,
Leaving 4 little apples hanging on his tree.
 (countdown to 1 green apple)

Farmer Brown had 1 little apple hanging on his tree,
He plucked that apple and he gave it all to me,
Leaving no little apples hanging on his tree! 

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