Friday, July 10, 2015

Flannel Friday: Five Little Fishies Swimming in the Sea

My contribution to this week's shark themed Flannel Friday is flannel pieces to go along with one of my favorite storytime songs: "Five Little Fishies Swimming in the Sea". This is a twist on the classic "Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree" that I often use in storytime, but usually only with hand motions. I don't remember where exactly I learned it from.

Five Little Fishies

Five little fishies swimming in the sea,
Teasing Mr. Shark,
"You can't catch me, you can't catch me!"
Along came Mr. Shark, as quiet as can be,
And snapped that fish right out of the sea!
(repeat and countdown until no fish are left)

To create my fish I used this template to trace them on felt. I cut the fins free hand and glued them on with Tacky Glue. The shark was also traced using a template. I did have to enlarge the template  using our copier before tracing it. I added googly eyes to all and traced a mouth on the shark.

I am hosting our Shark Week themed roundup this week! Head on over to my roundup post tomorrow to see what great ideas have been shared this week. To participate in upcoming roundups, or get more great storytime ideas head over to the Flannel Friday Blog or Pinterest page. You can also follow #flannelstorytime on Twitter.

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