Monday, June 23, 2014

A tour through the children's area

Our library was closed all last week (and today) for a local festival. As I previously mentioned, our staff spent the week cleaning and organizing. This means my children's area is currently the cleanest and most organized it will be all year. I thought this made it a great opportunity to show you all around.

Here is the entrance way. On the glass shelves straight ahead are my new JFIC and Books On CD.

On the other side of the glass shelves is my desk. It is a new addition, put in a few months ago as the last part of our Children's Room renovations. The artwork above is actually done by local kids. It is brought in by an art teacher in our local school district.

Right around the corner is my Storytime Room. It was added when we renovated the Children's Area in 2011. The tree was built by a local man and used to be in the center of the Children's Room. I'm definitely glad we figured out a way to incorporate it when we renovated.

Right outside the Storytime Room is my JFIC, Paperback Rack and Graphic Novels.

So that is what you see when you enter and turn left. If you turn right you see our kids tech center. This was also added just a few months ago (the same time my desk was added). The three computers facing my desk are for internet access only.

The other side of the tech center has our AWE station and some of my early literacy stations.

On the far end of the tech center we have our collection cabinet. We use this to display the collection of kids in the community. At summer reading time we claim it for ourselves and display summer reading prizes.

Just to the side our our magazines and collection cabinet we have our puppet area.

And around the corner from that we have our nonfiction (on the wall) and Juvenile Easy shelves (on the floor).

And if you turn to the right again you can see our biographies.

And on the path out you can see our new picture books and nonfiction.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour. If anyone else has blogged about their library space please feel free to share!

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