Friday, March 21, 2014

Flannel Friday: Little Frog, Little Frog

For my first ever Flannel Friday post, I will share the pieces I made to go with a frog rhyme I found at Step By Step Childcare. I took them out to use this week for my St. Patrick's Day Green themed storytime. I didn't use them at storytime this week because we ran out of time. I do remember that this rhyme has been pretty popular with the kids when I've used it in the past. FYI: April is National Frog Month so it is a great month for a Frog themed storytime.

To make these pieces I used a clip art frog and  log coloring pages. I colored each log and laminated all the pieces. I like to use the board already in my storytime room so this is how I make many of my counting and "flannel board" stories. I use tape to stick the pieces on and it generally works quite well.

This "flannel board" is very simple. You have the kids shut their eyes and hide the frog. After he is hidden, you all chant:

"Little Frog, Little Frog,
Are you under the (insert color) log?"

This rhyme could also be adapted to use different colored logs each time. You could also change the animal to a dog for a dog themed storytime. You could even use a hog for a pig or farm themed storytime. 

I hope this flannel board is helpful to you! I look forward to seeing the rest of this week's Flannel Friday posts.


  1. Cute! I love a good 'little mouse' spin off!

  2. Thanks! Always fun to rework a classic :)